Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bruce Cup Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone...

The Bruce Cup is going to be held in just over a week! Saturday 9th July will be the Bruce Cup.

Gold Coin donations for entry and the donations will go to the Cancer Council of Australia. Bring along your wacky trick deck rather than your Tier 1 Sleaze.

For more details feel free to contact me here or through the VEKN page.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sorry for the break in transmission...

After an unintentional hiatus... I'm back. Time to grab some of this backlog of oddities, silliness and quotable quotes...

"I'm like the Buffy of Blacktown" - Marty the Man "It's the cheerleading outfit" - CK
"Angry oiled French women - it has to end somewhere" - CK
"His name is Dirk, he sold your ancestors" (Dirk bleeding a Laibon deck with Legal Manipulation)
"You doing anything stupid... like acting?"
"If I rushed and popped Nakhtoreb, he'd stab me..." - Predator "So rush Nakh?" - Cross-table
"Don't be a racist!" - (someone) "I can be, I'm German..." - Todd
"Ossian... I'd tap that!" - Me

Theme Tunes/Catch Phrases for Allies
Nephandus - the words "Nom Nom" to the 60s Batman Theme
Gregory Winter - The Indiana Jones Theme
Renegade Garou - "Dave's not here man..."
Carlton van Wyck - Theme from Rambo
Ambrosius the Ferryman - Never Say Die
Jake Washington - Theme tune from "Shaft"
Veneficti - Theme from "The Godfather"
Escaped Mental Patient - "Yakkity Sax"
Ossian - "Take on me" by A Ha
Cry Wolf - "Crying Game"
Ponticulus - "Safety Dance" by Men in Hats
Nocturn - "The Roof" by the Blood-Hound Gang
Herald of Topheth - "Bat out of Hell" by Meatloaf
Enkidu - "Smack by b***h up" by The Prodigy