Saturday, February 16, 2013

Halim's Laibach Treaty

What is this deck...?

The idea is to basically make a part Blood-Grinder and part Temptation/Minion Theft deck. It is to try exploit the synergy between Temptation, Corruption Counters and Cryptic Mission effects.  The wide variety of actions, and low stealth, should be counteracted by minion numbers and Change of Target.  With access to Dominate (through both Tremere and Halim Bey) it seemed a no-brainer to pack a good wad of Deflections.  There is a distinct combat weakness, only running Theft of Vitae.  Truth of 1k Lies is part offense and part multi-act.  Hopefully being able to use it with things like Cryptic Mission to offset its otherwise prohibitive cost.

Attack Plan:

Regular frequent bleeds for 1 or 3.
Minion Deprivation by minion theft from my prey and Minion Borrowing from my Predator.
Superior Numbers (aka The Russian Method... 5 men, 1 gun)
Action Overload.
Vampiric Disease. This is all about dropping blood off minions by proxy. Putting it on minions with Temptation will give me a way to potentially deliver the Disease Counters forwards.  Also, the untap from Temptation will drain blood faster and get the minions to the point where they can be taken most turns, forced to hunt and then borrowed by me to go forwards.

Defence Plan:

Deflection, deflection, deflection...
Don't Spend. Cheap minions with Govern the Unaligned. It is not really intended as a bleed card except maybe in a lunge.
Minion Borrowing. Use my predator's minions to go forward. That potentially drains my predator's blood and can buy me time.

Deck Name : Halim's Laibach Treaty

Author : Juggernaut1981
Description : See above.
Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 6 average: 5.66667

3x Halim Bey                6  DOM SER obf tha   Follower :4
3x Muhsin Samir           6  DOM THA aus pot   Tremere:4
2x Black Lotus               5 DOM aus obf ser Follower: 4
2x Masika St. John        3  THA               Tremere:3
1x Ankh-sen-Sutekh        6  PRE SER obf       Follower :4
1x Cohn Rose              5  THA aus dom pre   Tremere:3

Library [76 cards]

Action [22]
  6x Cryptic Mission
  6x Govern the Unaligned
  6x Revelation of Ecstasy
  4x Temptation

Action Modifier [24]
  6x Change of Target
  4x Mirror Walk
  8x Truth of a Thousand Lies
  6x Venenation

Combat [8]
  8x Theft of Vitae

Master [14]
  3x Dominate
  5x Treaty of Laibach
  4x Tribute to the Master
  2x Vampiric Disease

Reaction [8]
  8x Deflection