Friday, July 12, 2013

Necromancy Ideas

Now, I am not quite sure if these are exactly "VtM" necromancy powers.  It seems like the game had deliberately vague spells that players were meant to use in creative ways.  So I am going to wing-it a bit on these.

This idea is unfortunately wordy, I can't spot a great way to clean it up.
Vigor Mortis
Requires Necromancy
[nec] Choose an ally or retainer in any ashheap. Untap the acting vampire and put that ally or retainer in play with this card on them and their starting life. If it is an ally it may use its own text. If it is a retainer it gains any permanent effects that it would give to its employer (i.e. +1 bleed, +1 intercept) ; it has 1 strength, 1 bleed.  After it takes an action which resolves burn the ally or retainer.
[NEC]  As above but put a blood from this acting vampire on this card. When an action by the minion with this card resolves burn a counter off this card or the minion.  During your untap one vampire you control may transfer 1 blood to this card.

Vigor Mortis
Requires Necromancy
[nec] Choose a mortal in any ashheap. Untap the acting vampire and put that mortal in play with this card on them and their starting life; it has 1 strength and 1 bleed. It may use cards as if it had [pot] and use its life instead of blood. When it successfully blocks or after it takes an action which resolves, remove this minion from the game.
[NEC]  As above but put a blood from this acting vampire on this card. When an action by this minion resolves or it successfully blocks, burn 1 counter from this card or remove this minion from the game. In your untap phase you may transfer 1 blood from a ready vampire to this card.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

VEKN Set #2 - Independent Clans

So, when we think of the "Proper" Independents (Assamites, Followers of Set, Giovanni, Ravnos)... what is it that they need?

For the 'most feared killers' of the vampire world, who required an elaborate Tremere ritual to put the Genie back in the bottle (so to speak)... Assamites blow chunks at combat.  It all comes way up front, has basically no way to get around S:CE and barely anything to get around S:D.  All bark, no bite.  Loss helped give them some steroids, but honestly Quietus combat blows chunks.  Consequently I think they should get:
  • Improvements to Contracts (and we can easily dovetail on kickers for Black Hand)
  • "Reactive Combat" (instead of their telegraphed in advanced stuff that requires 3 or 4 cards to beat 1 card)
  • Some very "Assamite" tools.  For instance, a Clan-based Secure Haven, Death-Seeker-for-Assamites and maybe a weapon other than Kali's Fang.
  • Clan + Discipline required cards to represent things that may have been taught by Assamites to other Assamites.
Followers of Set
Followers of Set have been given a number of interesting cards lately.  Corruption is a weak tactic, and could do with things to improve the effects.  They tend to be action-intensive and result-low (as a global trend).  There are a few things, like Revelation of Desire, which benefit from the Corruption counters and the obvious Nakhtoreb shennanigans.
  • Cards which utilise Corruption counters but leave them in play to gain other effects such as:
    • Reduced Intercept (effectively 'blackmailing' the blocker)
    • Increased Bleed
    • Burning Blood (al la Enticement but also not)
    • Political Influence either by reducing votes, cancelling votes, changing votes OR gaining votes
    • Screwball effects
  • Defences are badly needed in FoS decks.
    • Intercept is badly needed, but thematically problematic
    • Passing off part of the damage to others (setting up suitable decoys)
Giovanni don't need much in the way of allies or retainers.  Most of the good retainers and allies have already been given to the Gios; Necromancy needs these more than Giovanni.  What they do seem to lack is the ability to get things done.  Block denial/prevention via Seduction and Call of the Hungry Dead are basically the only two options, unless you are one of the blessed few to have a pile of Spiritual Divinations laying around.
I'd naturally lean towards improving Necromancy since that also improves the plight of Harbingers, Samedi and Nagaraja.
  • Necromancy needs:
    • Delivery systems (continuing actions, actions from the ashheap, start combat but action succeeds like Gift of Bellona)
    • Allies that don't just beat up things
    • Retainers that are more useful than Masquers
  • Ash-heap management
    • Interfering in others ash-heaps (See argument about (D) actions and ash-heaps below)
    • Culling cards out of your own ash-heap for benefits other than replay or making fatter allies
Ravnos have become victims of their own Breed X success (Clown Car, Ravnos Laibon Vote, Trapparition Weenies) and other than a few decks utilising Mata Hari (for her impersonation text), Gabrin (Cheap Chimersty is AWESOME)... most of the really commonly seen Ravnos decks seem to breed.
  • Chimerstry needs:
    • Something to make big-caps attractive other than Reality
    • Focussed go-forward that is NOT Week of Nightmares (but it aware of the WoN problem)
    • Defensive illusions
  • Ravnos needs:
    • Non-Breed angles for winning

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A logo for Independent Vampires

So, the Independent Vampires are the only ones 'without a club' so to speak.  From a quick look over the Lore, they seem to be independent either:

  1. They didn't sign onto the Camarilla. (FoS, Assamites)
  2. They got a deal from the Camarilla. (Giovanni)
  3. The Camarilla had no idea what to do with them and kind of left them alone (i.e. Ravnos)
Since it all seemed to be about deals, or not making deals, then I thought the best symbol for the Independent Clans would be parchment, quill and ink.
And on a sample Giovanni (who I made up mostly because Ben Peal has told us all the next set will be Indies)... you can see it below under the name and next to the Clan logo.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Logos in VTES

I was thinking that maybe it would be worth removing some of the labels which tend to appear on VTES cards and turn them into Logos.  For instance:

Black Hand
Inner Circle

It seems easier to do for Black Hand, Anarch and maybe Laibon.  It would be more difficult for the titles, since the Prince and Archbishops need their Domains listed.

So here is a possible logo for Black Hand.

I've also added in a little Sabbat Icon.

On a Sample card they would look like this: