Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunters are out again...

Seems like the VEKN site is down... the Hunters must be getting at it...

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Proactive Reactions (and 2 examples)

Proactive Reactions.  VTES seems to be comparatively light on the idea for disciplines other than Auspex and Dominate.  A 'proactive reaction' is simple enough: it's a reaction that intervenes in the action before it is successful, as opposed to an entirely reactive reaction (such as Touch of Pain).

The problem with Touch of Pain has always been that, like any arms race, it's not much of a threat if the enemy will be obliterated before their weaponry can hurt you.  It's the knife-to-a-gun-fight scenario.  This is why very few decks, that I've seen seriously played, would ever contain Touch of Pain.  It is too much of a long-shot to be viable.

Instead, to make a card like Touch of Pain viable and able to have an impact in the way VTES is played it needs to remove its single largest drawback: "Only usable after a successful bleed or political action".  It needs to be used pre-emptively.  In this way it should more closely resemble Hide the Heart or Yawp Court.

Hide the Heart
[aus] Reduce a bleed against you by 1.
[val] The action ends (unsuccessfully). The acting minion may burn 1 blood to cancel this card as it is played. Only one Hide the Heart may be played at [val] during each action.
[VAL] Reduce a bleed against you by 2, or tap to reduce a bleed against any Methuselah by 2.

With that in mind, here is:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Gimme somma your a lovin'

Which Clan needs the most Lovin'?
 I'm sure most people can think of a clan or two that they would consider "needing some lovin'".  Of course, I'm not trying to twist the arms of the Design Team here, but some more informal opinion about where players find clans to be weak...

- Which Clans do you not see brought out at your local tournaments?
- Which Clans do you see people talk about their new deck excitedly, but invariably they die in the ass?
- Which Clans do you personally wish had a bit more X, Y or Z?

I didn't want to put this on the forum, because I want it to be more of a list of opinions and less of a back-and-forth deabte.  Think of the Comments on this as your 'suggestion box'.  I'm sure plenty of the "Powers That Be" may drop past or get referred to this post at some time... so add your opinion to the bottom.