VTES Blacktown

The Blacktown Playgroup has been, in the past, one of the strongest playgroups in Sydney. 
Our FLGS is:
Unlimited Hobbies
Unit 2, 94 Kildare Rd
Blacktown NSW 2148

Due to changes to the opening hours of our FLGS, we're now meeting on Thursday Nights from around 6:30pm.  If you're in Western Sydney, we'd love for you to come past and play some VTES!

Our playgroup has
 Michael "Sutekh23" Bailey
(and Leon Tranter staring off to the side)
(Marty Collins is hiding behind Mike's ear)
 Will Allison
 Brendan Healy
(doing his best Filipino Tourist impersonation)

 Paul Azzopardi
(Yes Paul, I do have a camera and I am taking a photo of you)
Todd Hassmann

 James Bonham
(One of these days he won't be playing the Unnamed or Baali)
 Martin Hall
 Joshua "Joe" Lemon
("What? Using all 6 discpilines on Trogloditia in an Anarch deck is sure to work!" and "Two Pool isn't Redlining!")

Soon to be added....
Martin "Marty" Collins