Friday, July 22, 2011

Artwork for new Edge Variations

As usual these were made with files from CG Textures. I love the fact there are sites out there with royalty free images. If you're thinking of doing something like this and don't have any art skills... then I recommend the site.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Trick Deck - Eternal Nergal

Deck Name : Eternal Nergal
Author : Juggernaut1981
Description :
This is basically supposed to be a twisted version of a Turbo-Nergal Deck.

Nergal gets Mostly-sucked dry by Villein + Serpentis, grabs the Soul Gem, then makes a Great Beast ([FOR][OBF][DAI])... Then you get a Free Nergal or Abdelsobek...

If you get Abdelsobek, you Eternal Mask him into Nergal.

When a Great Beast gets low on blood... Chuck it off the Khobar Towers and get Nergal to call another Great Beast, then Chuck Abdelsobek off the tower... And so on... Anytime anything

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 5 max: 10 average: 7.83333

4x Nergal 10 AUS DAI FOR OBF PRE THA Baali:5
2x Nergal Adv 10 AUS DAI FOR OBF PRE THA Baali:5
4x Abdelsobek 5 for nec obf pre ser Follower :5
2x Ogwon 7 OBF PRE SER for Follower :5

Library [72 cards]

Action [12]
4x Call the Great Beast
4x Eternal Mask, The
4x Force of Will

Action Modifier [28]
4x Cloak the Gathering
4x Forgotten Labyrinth
6x Freak Drive
4x Lost in Crowds
6x Psychomachia
4x Truth of a Thousand Lies

Combat [8]
8x Majesty

Equipment [6]
6x Soul Gem of Etrius

Master [18]
4x Ashur Tablets
2x Khobar Towers, Al-Khubar
6x Serpentis
2x Social Ladder
4x Villein

Thursday, July 14, 2011

PowerEdge for Sabbat Politics

So here are some ideas about a PowerEdge for Sabbat, particularly Sabbat Political Decks.
I've slightly modified Crusader's Edge, but it's basically supposed to be a bloat or Private Audience. Pack Edge is supposed to basically be like Marking a Red List OR allowing all sabbat vampires to work a little bit like they had the Slave attribute (Protect me you fools!). Notorious Edge is supposed to be about Sabbat vampires gaining political mileage from the people they claim to have beaten into torpor; a 'might is right' philosophy turned into political currency.

Crusader's Edge
During your untap phase you may gain 1 pool or add one blood to a titled Sabbat vampire in your uncontrolled region.
Before announcing terms on a political action called by a titled Sabbat vampire you control, you may burn the edge to force all non-Sabbat vampires to abstain during the referendum of this action.

Pack Edge
During your untap phase you may choose a vampire controlled by your prey. Your vampires may enter combat with that vampire as a +1 stealth (D) action that costs 1 blood if you control the Edge.
If an Archbishop, Cardinal or Regent you control is blocked, you may burn the edge and choose a ready untapped Sabbat vampire you control. The chosen vampire enters combat with the blocking minion instead. Untap the Archbishop, Cardinal or Regent.

Notorious Edge
During your untap phase you may put 2 blood on a titled Sabbat vampire you control. This does not count as a Hunting Ground.
During a political action called by one of your vampires you may burn the Edge and choose a titled non-Sabbat vampire in torpor. The acting vampire gains votes equal to the chosen vampire's title during this referendum.