Saturday, May 14, 2011

Edge Variations

So, I've been thinking a bit more of Edge Variations lately. I'm also thinking they could make an interesting addition to the game. I do like the general look of the Mage: the Ascension set created by Ankha (Prince of Paris) and it's made me a bit more tempted to do some serious card creation.

But in the meantime:
Would you be interested in alternative versions of the Edge? For example, Edge effects that feed into your deck's primary strategies (providing additional bleed, untaps for certain actions, additional defences, secondary effects...?)

I see them as similar to the Agendas created for previous WW-Storylines (now VEKN-Storylines) and as such their place is probably more in the realms of a Storyline rather than regular play. Of course though, I'd be very proud if the wider VTES community thought that my tinkering was worthwhile of including into standard play.

So what do you think?
New cards (made by players for players) or New Variations to VTES (Rapid Thought, Edge Variations, Agendas, etc)?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Night VTES 9th May 2011

We did have a good turnout again. It looks like our playgroup has stabilised to around about 8. It was good to have Blake playing again and another player out of torpor (who I've forgotten the name of but turned up with Brendan).

It's good to have 2 to 3 tables every week.

Quotable Quotes...
"To be fair, you were acting like a cock-lord" - Paul Azzopardi

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Shameful Love Clan"

Do you have a "Shameful Love Clan"? The clan you love to play despite the fact they may be hard to win with? The clan you try to find novel ways to make them more competitive?

I have a very soft spot for my first (relatively effective) deck. It was a Brujah Bleed'n'Bash built around the core of 2 Camarilla Edition Starters. It had many features that would generally make a mediocre deck... Bang Nakhs, Large Brujah Vampires, probably too many actions, inconsistent pool gain... but I did enjoy playing it. It had the historical moment of blocking my predator four times with Alison Maller equipped with a Sports Bike, Bang Nakhs and a Celerity Master... played WWEF for three of them, played Acrobatics at [CEL] in each combat followed by a strike for 3, and played Taste of Vitae after at least one of them so I had a mostly full vampire at the end of it.

Have you got yours? Come on time to out yourself about the clan you love...

Monday Night VTES 2 May 2011

Well we had a good turnout! It was good to have 9 people around for games.
Blake (our resident Tzimisce) came out of torpor and brought along both Tzimisce and a new Nos Vote-deck.

We had most of the usual crowd: Will, Marty, Joe, Todd plus Brendan and Benny (another climbing out of torpor). Bailey was a noticable absence and the night is always different without him.

Most people dragged out their usual decks, but in the next few weeks I'm thinking I'll see a few new things from most of them.

It's great to see the group building in numbers on a regular basis.

Quotable Quotes:

"Craig's List LIED to me!"
"Monday Night's getting better: spider f***ing and steaks!" (In reference to a quote from Matt Barnett which goes "Hey guys, we're here to play VTES not f*** spiders!)
"It's your first night, don't play properly just f***ing kill something!" (Said to Blake on his first night back in a long time with a Tzimisce deck)
Benny: "I'd like to Perform a Patronage..." Blake: "Wash..." [insert laughter]

A new definition was also developed:
Fagtasy (n): The act of paying 1 pool to see a new vampire in a Toreador or !Toreador deck.