Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's been a long time... so time for an idea...

I've been thinking a little bit, after the recent play-testing round, that it might be worth doing a VTES set themed around the combat specialists of VTES.

Settite Warriors
Archons of the Camarilla
The Lead Goons of the Sabbat
The Salubri Antitribbu
Thugs in the Guruhi

I'm sure almost all of the clans, in the canon, have at least one or two vampires who were kept around in the power structure  because they were really good at beating other people up.

So, if you have some vampires from Canon that you think I should go look at (and maybe turn into a VTES style card) let me know.  I'm going to dig around the obvious culprits: Paladins, Archons, Warrior Castes, Salubri Antitribbu, Giovanni Thugs & etc.

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