Friday, November 5, 2010

Deck List: Don't Travel to Mexico

This deck is also nicknamed my "Mexican Sl*ts Deck".  It works mostly by chip bleeding for 1s frequently and then turning around to make a huge lunge when the opportunity is there.  It has destroyed a player who left themself open on around 14 pool, assuming that was a safe level.  The only catches are that you usually need to spend a turn rebuilding after a kill to recoup the blood expended in the Walk of Elvis.  This deck was also an experiment in trying to make Supressing Fire viable, since a few people were dabbling with Draba-based defence.
Killing Blow: Computer Hack + Walk of Elvis for LOTS (usually around the 6-8 bleed mark)
Trick: Sneaking bleeds past with some light stealth from Shell Game, but getting the last bit of 'stealth' by using Zip Gun + Suppressing Fire to reduce the intercept of blockers.
Possible Future Versions: 2+ copies of Angelo and 4+ Sanguine Instruction to put SAN onto a few of the bigger girls.
Crypt (12)
6x Hermana Hambrienta Menor 2cap pot san -Loses 2 blood on influence
6x Hermana Hambrienta Mayor 4cap for pot san -Loses 2 blood on influence
Library (74)
8x Computer Hacking
4x Redistribution //It's part hunt and part Nod. Very nice for reclaiming Zip Guns on torpored Mexican Girls
Action Modifiers (22)
2x Change of Target //To suck out a little block just when you need it
6x Shell Game
8x Suppressing Fire
6x Walk of Caine //The Walk of Elvis, I'm still waiting for the Elvis Circle... Might have to Home-Brew that one...
Combat (26)
6x Soak
6x Thrown Gate
6x Unflinching Persistence
8x Zip Gun //Combat maneuver, can kill a retainer here or there, avoids grapples a little, allows you to play Suppressing Fires for zero cost...
Master (15)
2x Communal Haven: Cathedral
3x Dreams of the Sphinx //This is usually as good as a spare minion or half a minion + 2 cards when you need it
4x Fortitude //To keep you from being hurt badly by the Zip Guns mostly
3x Hungry Coyote, The //How else are you going to get blood on the Mexicans quickly?
2x Information Highway //4+2 Transfers = Pay 1 to see 1 and then bring out a Little Mexican
1x Coven, The //This refills a Mexican usually.


  1. What about feindish tongue in place of computer hack? This seems like it performs the same function and adds the -1 int against anarchs while only requiring that you are sabbat.

  2. How bout this for masters:
    2x Heidelberg(instead of the cathedral, or do 1 and 1)
    3x Hungry Coyote
    2x Fortitude
    1x Lilith's Blessing(you will be having empty vampires anyway, this combos perfectly with the skill cards to make 3-cap full hermana menors)
    1x Barrens
    3x Dreams
    1x Coven
    2x Info Highway

    Out of curiosity, how does this deck defend?

  3. What is this defence you speak of? It usually relies on having 5 minions out for around 12-pool cost. It's defence is Walk of Elvis. So yes, it dies HORRIDLY to S&B and Vote.


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